Mike just found your site and really think it is great. A lot of
information. I saw where you had listed A Co 3rd Shore Party on the site.
I didn't know if you knew B Co. 3rd Shore Party was a part of FLSU #2

On Apr. 14,1965 we landed at Hue South Viet Nam that was "B" Co. 3rd
Shore Party. We landed everyone there and then preceded out to help
establish Phu - Bi. On May 25,1965 I was attached TAD to FLSU #2 by G.N.
Loveland he signed my record of service I remained TAD until Nov. 7,1965
and that entry was signed by Q.W. Pitter. There were two of us from B Co.
that stayed there the other guy was a Cpl. Irving he rotated back to the
states around May or June I think. The entry on my record of service is
for FLSU #2 Sup. Co, 3rd SvrBn 3rdMar Div FMF.

I have a picture of some of the guys out side our tents I will scan it in
if you are interested.

Didn't know if you were interested in the information or not? Keep up the
good work. You have a great site and I will be back from time to time

Semper Fi
Joe Frye
1965-1966 B Co 3rd Shore Party
FLSU # 2 Phu Bi, Danang, and points South
1968-1969 FLSG-B Dong Ha
I had the Honor to meet  Thu Nguyen Capps, author of her story. Sept 2014. She is the Sister in Law of David Capps FLSG-A (Phu Bia)