H&S 1/8
KIA 10-23-83
I Will Remember You

You were my older brother, always protecting me
As I was the youngest member of your family tree.

All I can remember, are the words you said to me

"A Soldier in the United States Marines is all I want to be."

Mom had strong words for the young Recruiter that came

"You can have my Son, but for any harm it's you that I will blame."

Mom said she would not worry, as God would heed her call

Remembering your goodbye, "I truly love you all".

We never knew when or if you would come back to us

But Mom said "Believe. in God we all must trust".

The times were very different then, the world we could make free

So off you went so gallantly to be all that you could be.

"The Peacekeepers" they called the Marines that served in Beirut.

Always in harm's way, with orders not to shoot.

Sadly you were one of the 241 that perished on that day

While serving your Country true wherever the mission lay.

Your picture shows a young man, a Marine standing so strong and tall

Now that's all we have left, hanging proudly on our wall.

While you are sadly missed, especially by me, the life you gave

Brings meaning to the words, "Land of the Free and Home of the Brave".

I will speak of you today and all my living years

Even though each time I do I have to hold back tears.

For the sacrifice you made, "To serve and to protect"


Your memory will live on, A Marine.The Few, the Proud

Even though now you sit with the Angels high atop a cloud.

By: Lis Mullen ( Cpl. James F. Silvia's Sister)

For his 41st Birthday May 2004

Beirut Memorial salutes fallen Marines
     PORTSMOUTH - Marines today have plenty of "unfinished business," said
Maj. Stephen Armes, addressing a crowd at Portsmouth's annual Beirut
Memorial ceremony. And the war on terror, he said, is as strong a battle as
it was in 1983, when 241 Marines were senselessly killed in the Lebanon

     Each year families of fallen Marines gather at the town's historical
society to honor the nine Rhode Island Marines killed in the attacks and
keep their spirits alive. And retaining their memory is a responsibility the
Portsmouth Beirut Marine Memorial Committee feels honored to have.

     "Today we are again in conflict with some of the same terrorist groups
that cause the Beirut barracks bombings, ambushing our military in Iraq
almost daily with car and suicide bombs. Beirut has become lost in history
for most people," said committee chairman Shirley Zdanuk.

     The 30-minute ceremony included a ceremonial unit of the Navy band,
Marine Color Guard, a chaplain and key marine speaker from the Naval War
College - Maj. Armes.

     "Today marks the date, 22 years ago, that we lost our fellow marines
in Beirut, and we pause to reflect on the legacy that they have passed down
for this great country of ours," Maj. Armes said.

     Five families of the nine fallen Rhode Island marines were on hand for
ceremonies Sunday. Among those honored were Cpl. Rick Crudale, Sgt. Timothy
Giblin, Cpl. Edward Iacovino Jr., Lance Cpl. Thomas Julian, Cpl. Thomas
Shipp, Cpl. Edward Soares Jr., Cpl. Stephen Spencer, Cpl. David Massa and
Cpl. James Silvia.

     Ms. Zdanuk promised families 22 years ago that Rhode Island would
always remember the sacrifices those marines had made. The annual event
concluded with a ceremonial wreath laying at the historical society's
memorial grounds.

     Paying homage and remembrance to those who give, is a country's duty,
said Maj. Armes in closing words. "The mark of a civilized society is that
it holds life sacred, that its citizens serve to protect it, and that it is


Cpl Stephen E Spencer
   H&S 1/8
KIA 10-23-83
Note: Jim and Stephen were Brother-In-Laws by marriage,  Jim's  Sister Lynne (Silvia) was married to Stephen Spencer.
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article provided by Lis Mullen
I met Ed on Okinawa, I believe it was 1979. He was assigned to MASS-2 S-4
shop because they did not have a billet for him at the Mess Hall. He was
with the duece for several months and then was reassigned to a Mess on Camp
Foster (the old Ft Buckner). He was killed in the Beirut bombing in 1983.
I'm putting together a memorial page for him and need some help from anyone
who may have known him. We were great friends but actually know little about
his service time. I'd appreciate anything you can do to help me out. Thanks
1stSgt Dave Straub Ret 63-88
        KIA 10-23-83
checked out your updates on the fallen cooks, looks good, saw Eddy's picture
and saw a quick note from a David Straub, looking for anyone that knows gy
Kimm. want to hear something ironic? Never got to meet gy Kimm, but my
brother and Stephen used his car every weekend, and drove from Lejeune to
R.I. for liberty weekends. Amazing what a small world it is. Stephen and
Jimmy thought the world of him. sorry i never got to meet him. have a good
day and thanks again for the site. Lynne (Sylvia) Spencer
.KEOWN, THOMAS C   Sgt. 1977-83
Birth Date: 25 Aug 1960  
Death Date: 23 Oct 1983  
Issuing State: KY
SSN: 404-96-5034

JACKOWSKI, JAMES J  Cpl  1981-83
Birth Date: 19 Aug 1963   
Death Date: 23 Oct 1983  
Issuing State: NY
SSN: 095-62-8231

Birth Date: 19 Jul 1963   
Death Date: Oct 1983   
Issuing State: PA
SSN: 171-56-1829

Birth Date: 14 Jan 1963   
Death Date: 23 Oct 1983   
Issuing State: PA
SSN: 170-54-2446

Birth Date: 11 May 1963   
Death Date: 23 Oct 1983  
Issuing State: NJ
SSN: 154-58-2982

GySgt. Ed Kimm
@ June Griggs/Sister