The photos below were taken in Dec 67-Jan 68 by Don Bumgarner. Don was with C 1/3, located at C-4 , N of Cua Viet.
Marine w/glasses and the Marine to his left are both Cooks
Both of these Marines are Cooks
Mess Hall Sign- In Memory of Cpl Marvin Smith
         KIA 12-17-67    Panel 32E Line 15
Marines in line for chow. Only Mess Hall that all sand bags.
The Marine w/glasses is a Cook and the other Marine is his helper
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Map of Camp Books, Feb 67. With the arrival of 1stFSR, this was posted so everyone would know what Mess Hall to dine in.
photo by Wayne Humphrey
Mess Hall of 2/7 Chu Lai (year unknown)
Mess Hall 69-70 1st MAW Danang, RVN


"This was the enlisted mess hall on our side of the compound. The wing you can see is the NCO side. Just around the building to the left (1st MAW Band) was the enlisted club."
photo by GySgt William Hardy (Ret)
           (2549 Comm Chief)
I worked in that mess hall in 68-69 I was the Asst, Mess Chief...

That wing was the Staff NCO side when I worked there.

I was also there when the enlisted club opened up, it was directly in front of the messhall, I had a good friend who was in the  1st MAW band...Brought back some memories...

Fred Leonardi

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Message: I served in that mess hall 10/62-10/63 and again 02/66- 05/66