Attack on Hill 689 - June 27, 1967
Picture by Ray Palmer of D/1/26 from Hill 861

Anyone notice how much "Tougher" these old Seabees look compared to that Marine reunion picture? Canes, wheelchairs,potbellies......we're ready to kick some butt! JH
The third smiling face in from the left is Bill Mytnik Khe Sanh vet.
Jack Haigwood is the fourth smiling face in behind our yeoman at Khe Sanh Jerel Wenger.
Right behind Jerel and his wheel chair is me Sam Messer in my Grey Khe Sanh Hat.
Next to me in shades is Ray Cruz another of the Khe Sanh Seabees.
I count 5 maybe 6 Khe Sanh seabees in this pic.
Sam Messer
Aug 67 to march 68

Mike,I don't know if you have these pic's or not.
This is the C-130 that crashed on 13April68 at Khe Sanh.
Mr. Poilane was killed as a result of it.

Thanks for all you do!
Don Lacy

below   1st Section 81 mortars 2/26. These guys were attached to Echo most of the time.  Contact Eric if you can put names with faces.

Photo by Mr.David Duncan
Eric Francis Smith <>
It was taken on Hill 861A, after the attack by the NVA on 05 Feb 68 .I am on the left with no Helmet. The Marine in the soft cover is Cpl Billy Drexel from Fort Worth Texas. Who was decorated for the fight on 5 Feb 1968, he was a member of my Weapons Platoon and lost both his legs when we moved to Hill 861 at a later date.

Tommy Eichler
This photo provided by Lt. Bruce Geiger of the same plane crash on 4-13-68 at Kahn Sanh  4-07
Here is a good picture of an Army 175 at Camp Carroll, firing support for Khe Sanh
Joe M   4-07
I was on that plane when it crashed, returning from 12th USAF hospital in Cam Ranh Bay. All these years it's been in my brain that it was an unpainted, shiny aluminum USAF C-130. That's what I remember from getting on it in Da Nang. I guess three different pictures all showing a camo paint job shows how good my eyesight is.  Mike Haight B 1/13  April 07